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 What is a LAN?

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PostSubject: What is a LAN?   Sat May 02, 2009 5:26 pm

This is a general overview of what a LAN is, and what we mean by it.

A L.A.N. stands for Local Area Network. This is a term that is used to describe multiple machines connecting together locally. Like two computers in a room that can share music files.

Generally a LAN party is when a bunch of local computers are brought to a single location, and connected by a network of switches and or routers. The purpose of this is mainly but not limited to gaming, and to share files.

The Hive was built on an idealism that knowledge shared freely enriches a population. This networking, or transference of knowledge between us is a defining trait of our race. As humans we strive for knowledge, and to better understand ourselves, as well as our world.

When we LAN we come together with consoles, and computers. As humans we are networked with one another, and in doing so we allow the sharing of information. By playing games, and sharing files we can learn from those experiences.

We are not just wasting time, trying to have a good time. We are building a small society of individuals who can rely on one another. A society that can be self supporting, and dynamic.

Our LAN's are RSVP only. This way I can plan for tabletop space, and network stability.
RSVP for those not savvy essentially means you need to sign up in advanced. The sign up is always linked at the bottom of every announced LAN.

We expect attendees to bring their own console, and or computer. As well as T.V, and or monitor. We do not provide food, or games, or controllers.

We only provide shelter, power, internet.

If you want to come just to hang out that is fine too. State that in the RSVP.
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What is a LAN?
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