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Level 5 Admin
Level 5 Admin

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PostSubject: READ BEFORE YOU APPLY   Fri Feb 12, 2010 11:40 am

This is the admin ladder I have decided to use. People can apply for admin for free and get level one with very limited commands. They have to then earn my trust and prove to me they are a good enough admin to be promoted to level two. (level up!) Promotions take time too. The climb from level one to level 2 can take a month to two months. The climb from level 2 to level 4 can take even longer. To reach level 5 you would really have to be something special to me, so good luck with that.

Immunity is used to determine which admins can affect which. An admin with 5 immunity can't slap an admin with 25 immunity and so on. Two admins with 25 immunity can slap each other though.

Level One Admin
- 5 immunity and the most basic of all commands. The starting point for most admins.

Level Two Admin- 25 immunity with more commands then level one such as unban and whatnot.

Level Three Admin- 50 immunity. Has noclip and basic commands but lacks commands such as unban and ban. This is the purchasable admin rank that one can buy for 5$. Possibility to later get promoted to level four still exists as long as they live that long.

Level Four Admin- 75 immunity. Has every admin command. Position only acquirable through trust and hard work.

Level 5 Admin
- 99:z immunity. The highest rank.

I expect my admins to keep my server healthy and populated while being on their best behavior. They must also listen to me at all times. There are guidelines on what is expected of my admins in the admin only section that you will see if you get accepted.

Being an admin is a privilege, and if anybody abuses that privilege, it can be taken away.
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