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 Movie Thread!

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Level 5 Admin
Level 5 Admin

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Location : Richmond, VA

PostSubject: Movie Thread!   Tue Nov 10, 2009 4:36 pm

Post here every time you watch a movie and let us all know if it was good, if it was bad but at the same time don't give too much away. No spoilers!

Just let us know whether we should bother seeing it or not, if it was actually funny and the such.

Remember that everyone has different tastes in movies. I myself don't really find my self saying "This movie sucks" But I do find some movies to be moving and rather good compared to others.

I'll list a few I've watched in the past 48 hours.

Year One- It was pretty funny, and was a general good movie, I really like Micheal Cera so it was funny watching him act. It's one of those movies that you wouldn't really watch again though.. I mean maybe.. but meh. It felt kind of weird watching it at times, like I wanted to fast forward to the good part.. xD

I love you Beth Cooper- I actually really enjoyed this movie for some reason. It was kind of awkward and meh at the beginning but as the story picked up and you got to know the characters better I started to like it. I liked it. I would reccomend it to a friend for suree.

The Proposal- I also liked this movie. It was pretty funny and I found myself roflmao at one part involving a certain lil' john song... lol It was really good though and I would recommend it. Really good movie.

GI Joe- Meh. Beautiful CGI but.. the jokes.. as Kiyka was telling me.. it's just like the screenplay writer.. fails.. I dunno. It was entertaining to watch and still a good movie but at the same time... meh. I dunno what to say about this one. lol

Blood: The last Vampire- Good movie overall. The CGI was a little meh and I didn't get subtitles in my version so at the parts where they were speaking japanese I had no idea what was going on, but yeah it was a nice solid action movie. I liked it and would recommend it to you all. Nice japanese action movie with swords and everything.

Zombie Land- This movie was decent. It wasn't astounding, but it had zombie killing and Bill Murray. rofl Yeah it was Alright. I'm sure most of everyone has seen it already though. See it if you like zombies. (Who here doesn't)

Up!- Yeah it's kiddish I know, but I heard it was really good for everyone. It was too, The whole thing with Karl and his wife.. Idk.. I liked the movie though. I would recommend it to everyone.
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Level 5 Admin
Level 5 Admin

Posts : 153
Join date : 2009-04-07
Age : 108
Location : Richmond, VA

PostSubject: Re: Movie Thread!   Wed Nov 25, 2009 1:02 am

Death Note: The last name- I'm a big fan of death note. So I enjoyed watching the live action movies. The first one was kind of weird because it didn't follow the storyline too well but hey it had to cram it into a movie. The second movie, this one, takes it a step further. The ending was like WTFHAX but was kind of sneaky and cool but at least it eliminated having to bring near and mello into the picture.. lol I really liked it and reccomend it for everyone who likes death note.

Public Enemies- This movie was really good. I liked it a lot. It was pretty bad ass but it was KINDOF boring at times. It wasn't five star but it was four star at least. I do recommend it to everyone though.

Pokemon Movies- WATCH THEM. THEY ARE COOL. Very Happy
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Movie Thread!
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